So, what is this lil' Blog of yours about?

Well, sewing. Mostly patchwork and quilting, but once I get bored of that, I could switch to sewing bags within a matter of hours. I’ll let you know, so don’t worry. There’ll also be some other DIY’s, organizing-tips and probably some DIY’s for our upcoming wedding, but the focus is clearly sewing!

I went to a great sewing class over four years ago and it helped me a lot to learn all the basics and become more secure when cutting the fabric. The class focused on regular sewing and I actually finished my first (and only…) dress! For now I’m fine on my own, but I’m sure that I’ll enroll for another class eventually. There’s always something to learn!

My inspiration comes from blogs, Pinterest and of course books. I will link back to the sources to the best of my knowledge, but if you find something wrong please let me know and I’ll correct it immediately! 


I order a lot from DaWanda/Etsy-Shops. Usually I see new fabric collections on one of the blogs. And once I set my eye on a collection, I want the whole collection. And the coordinating solids. And the more you buy, the better you can justify the shipping costs, am-I-right?

I also go to the “Holl√§ndische Stoffmarkt” regularly, but it’s more for those spontaneous buys or stacking up on notions. And for all those times in-between, my local fabric store is my safe haven.

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